Asia Pacific Retinal Imaging Society (APRIS)

APRIS, as only the retinal imaging association in Asia, aims to promote the latest development in ocular imaging and the sharing of clinical experiences and up-to-date results of research conducted at top local and international universities and hospitals, among members of the association in its annual symposium. Recent advances in ocular imaging devices such as optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA), fluorescein angiography (FAG) and indocyanine green angiography (ICGA) have boosted active research regarding diagnosis, pathological mechanism and treatment responses of blindness disease. APIS provides a venue for the discussion of contemporary research findings with the aim of contributing to ophthalmic development.

Our association held its Asia Pacific Region conference with famous ophthalmologists and experts in the world, who were invited with the help of the late Prof. Kwak Hyung-woo, Kyunghee University Department of Ophthalmology. The top-tier experts from the field of ocular imaging such as Phillip Rosenfeld, Ogura Yuichiro, Querques Giuseppe and Tien wong join the association as faculty members.

History of Annual Meeting

Our association successfully held its annual meeting in Korea over the last six years (2014-2019) while inviting about 250 participants from 10 countries. They actively exchanged ideas and many ocular specialists from the Asian region and young ocular professionals had learning experiences. 

  • 2014 1st APRIS

    Korea Retinal Imaging Conference
    Number of Presentation: 32
    Number of Participant: 70

  • 2015 2nd APRIS

    Kyunghee/Korea Retinal Imaging Symposium
    Number of Presentation: 39
    Number of Participant: 90

  • 2016 3rd APRIS

    Kwak/Korea Retinal Imaging symposium
    Number of Presentation: 38
    Number of Participant: 130

  • 2017 4th APRIS

    APIS/Kwak Retinal Imaging symposium
    Number of Presentation: 38
    Number of Participant: 150

  • 2018 5th APRIS

    Number of Presentation: 50
    Number of Participant: 250

  • 2019 6th APRIS

    Number of Presentation: 70
    Number of Participant: 250